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Edge-lit signs are made from special translucent plexiglass with an engraved logo or text on the front. The upper edge of the sign is fitted with an aluminium profile with an inset LED strip. The engraved logo or text is illuminated.

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For milling and engraving, we use Mecanumeric CNC milling machines. We offer both 2D and 3D milling.

Suitable materials are plastic, plexiglass, aluminium, brass, wood, MDF, and composite materials. The dimensions of the working area are 3,050 × 2,020 × 250 mm and the maximum blade rotation speed is 40,000 RPM.

Our milling services are used, for example, for cutting out baths, sinks, kayaks, and other 3D models.

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We offer a variety of plastic processing services for businesses: cutting, bending, glueing, and forming.

Vacuum forming is used, for example, for manufacturing advertising products, packaging, casings, and other plastic products.

To get the processed sheet of plastic tightly onto the mould, the plastic is first heated to a predetermined temperature, then stretched over the mould and drawn to shape by applying a vacuum. Vacuum formed parts are the most suitable for mass production.

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Portals are used to highlight shop and other entrances. The best portal materials include, for example, aluminium composite boards, which can be decorated with an illuminated company logo or illuminated lettering.

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Have you ever wondered who makes TV studios? The answer is simple - we do! We manufacture a variety of custom-built illuminated and unilluminated studio elements for TV studios, including furniture, walls, lecterns, desks, lighting solutions, etc.

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