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Casino signs made in Estonia by AW Signs can be found in nearly every casino in Europe. We have been producing them for both the end customer and the manufacturers of well-known gaming machines for more than 15 years.
Typically, casino signs are covered by special steel with a high-gloss gold or silver finish. We can make everything you can dream up, including single- and double-sided signs, rotating signs, as well as signs with various size LCD screens, “moving” lights, neon lights, LED solutions, various design elements, etc.

We can even make signs consisting solely of screens that are synchronised to cover the entire sign face with animations.

*We produce casino signs for well-known manufacturers and casinos.

*We offer a wide variety of designs for all signage solutions.

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Our thin signage solutions are designed for customers who want simpler, lower-cost casino signs. These signs have a depth of only a few centimetres but look like regular casino signs. Thanks to the use of LED light sources, however, they are much more energy efficient.
Our high-quality thin signs are perfect for tighter spaces or budgets.

Thanks to their slim design, low weight, and LED lighting, they are also easy to install and cheaper to transport. The printed graphics are easy to change and the signs themselves are virtually maintenance-free./*Energy-efficient

* Easy to install

* Lower transport costs

* Easy to change graphics

* Maintenance-free

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We manufacture slot filler lightboxes that are installed between slot machines for displaying the theme of the machines. We use high-quality LEDs as a source of light and we can produce the lightboxes with various angles, such as 30, 60, 90, or 120 degrees.

*LEDs are used as a source of light

*Can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, and angles

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Bank end signs are lightboxes used at the end of a bank of slot machines. They are typically about 3 cm deep and advertise the theme of the slot machines or display other advertisements. The print is easy to change, and the shape and size of the lightbox can be customised according to the client’s needs and wishes. It is also possible to use LCD screens in a variety of sizes to display animations or messages.

*Used at the end of a bank of slot machines

*Display advertisements or information about the slot machines

*Can also hold LCD screens

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